Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Meeting Notes

Today we met for our second monthly meeting at the Golden Luck. A Chinese place on Bond Street.

Some of the Highlights:

Brenda mentioned that the 2nd Garage Sale is this weekend. Here is the schedule so far:

Wednesday 20th: Kate Grueter, Kaylinn Hack to set up and price items from 11:00 to whenever. Could use an extra person. Should be an easy job. $1.00 items in one area, $5.00 items in another section, etc.

Friday 22nd: Eilleen Cheuvront, (Tonya Mock part of the day) (Tryan after 1 PM)

Saturday 23rd: Eilleen Cheuvront, (Greg Hamann part of the day), could use a couple more people. I will be at the Pioneer House and also a Sterling Bank event. I will stop by the garage sale somewhere in there if I can.

Sunday 24th: Brenda Hunt, Andy Burns maybe.

Vance said he would volunteer whenever we need him. Vance, we could use you on any of these days. Let me know which hours you would like to work.

CLE training

I talked about the need for more Leadership and more Committee activity for our Club. Our club is getting to large to only have one person facilitating most all activities. Also discussed a survey that I will hand out at the 3rd Tuesday Ju
ly Meeting (Going to be gone the first). No names will be required, but I hope we can get some feedback from the members of what our Club does best and what we need to improve on. On another note I talked about a contact I met from the Oregon City Club. They have a food trailer that they take to a few events in Portland. It is only used 3-4 weekends a year and sits in a Garage the rest of the year. We can rent this for a small fee and use it for some of the events around here. The 2007 Clatsop Fair doesn't have any more vendor room. The rodeo is only a few hours long each day and might not be worth the expense and time it would take to bring it down that weekend. The Hot-rod Show in Seaside looks more promising. It starts the 8th of Sept. We may also be able to make fish-n-chips in the trailer and have something a little different than your normal fryer trailer.

Regatta Court

Our program today was put on by the Regatta Court. Hannah Alley gave a speech on the Coast Guard, Sam Johnson gave a presentation on the 3 Jetties we have on the Columbia and Jessica Hoffman discussed the Astor Column. The Court travels around the Northwest to parades and represents the Astoria Warrenton area. Both with a float and speeches they give. They were recently in the Portland Rose Festival and were on KATU for almost two minutes as the announcers gave personal stories about each. In exchange for representing our area and Regatta, at the end of the year they each receive scholarships averaging close to $2,000. The money comes from the Regatta itself by way of the buttons (entry to the Regatta) they sell to the community.

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Anonymous said...

What did all of you think about where we met Tuesday? Most comments I received were favorable, food was good at a resonable price and the set-up met our expectations. Lets hear what the rest thought

I will be out of town on our next meeting on July 3rd so someone needs to get the program and make arrangements where to meet also we might have 2 guest the Rineharts that are mooving here from Montana and want to transfer to our Club.

The meeting on the 21st our program will be by Greg Hamman telling what is going to happen as they re-ferbish the college